‘Attack On Titan’ Film Adaptation Reveals New Trailers And Release Date | Film News


After the success of the comics and a fantastic animated series, Attack on Titan is getting the live action treatment and looks rather impressive, it has to be said. The film appears as though it will follow the storyline pretty closely, and while the CGI effects seem to have critics divided, it still looks like it will be an impressive film. The basic rundown of the story is as follows: giant humanoid ‘Titans’ take over the world, the remaining humans build three massive walls to keep them out, which stand for 100 hundred years and the humans enjoy peace.


However after a devastating attack by the Titans, humanity has no choice but to finally fight back using omni-directional mobility gear (yeah it’s as cool as it sounds) by severing the Titans’ necks. It’s dangerous work. The story is rather dark and judging from the trailers, it looks a solid adaptation. The film will be released in two parts, the first part coming on August 1 in Japan, before premiering in the US in October, the second part will be released in Japan on September 19. Fingers crossed it will be worth the wait. Check out the trailer below.




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