Austin Alternative Rock Band Vision Arcade Release New Blues Track ‘I’m Gone’

Texas-based 4-piece alternative rock band Vision Arcade have released “I’m Gone”, their fourth single in a row from their one song a month project.

The song serves as a backdrop to the rest of the album. It’s a gritty blues-influenced track that follows their first batch of releases in 2019 including “War Machine” and “Afterglow” that have racked up over 400,000 streams worldwide.

Vision Arcades come with a signature style influenced by the raw and restless anxiety of adolescents in the post-internet era, and their music is a beautiful blend of soaring solos, thundering basslines, and soulful vocals, with an underlying message of self-acceptance and honesty.

Vision Arcade is a four-piece DIY indie band that hail from various areas of the globe and are now based in Austin, Texas. The band has been playing together for little over three years and has amassed a devoted following around the country, with support from Matt Novesky of Blue October, KLBJ FM, and Austin City Limits Radio.

The group received have also critical acclaim from magazines, blogs, and radio stations all around the world after releasing their first EP in 2019. Since COVID-19 impacted the planet, they have been composing and recording their first full-length project, which is set for release next year.

Listen to “I’m Gone” here:


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