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Austin based band S U R V I V E have announced that they will be releasing a new remix EP that will feature four remixes of tracks from their 2016 album, RR7349. The new EP will be titled RR7387 and will feature a number of varied contributors including Lena Willikens, JK Flesh of Godflesh and Jesu, and Sam Haar of Blondes.


Though well-known before, the band has recently garnered more attention due to two of its members’ involvement with the Netflix hit series Stranger Things. S U R V I V E members Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, in addition to participating in the band, have taken on the role of composers for the show which has earned rave reviews in all aspects but especially for its score.


The EP will be released November 3 via Relapse. Check out the first single, “Cutthroat”, remixed by Lena Willikens, below:




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