Australian Artist And Producer CLN Releases New Track ‘Supersonic’

Over the last few months Australian artist CLN has given us a collection of exceptional singles in the lead up to his sophomore album, and he has just released “Supersonic” featuring Stephen Geisler, the focus track for the album titled Over, All Again.

His previous singles such as “Undone”, “Into The Night”, “Endlessly” and “That Place” have built hype and anticipation for the difficult second album Over, All Again, which he has shared with us all this week.

Over, All Again is an enthralling 12-song collection that takes the listener on a journey through various songwriting and production techniques that CLN has been experimenting with over the last two years.

He’s also collaborated with a number of vocalists on this album, including Holly Hebe, Eilish Gilligan, LUUNG, Stephen Geisler, and px, whose work on these songs is exceptional and has helped CLNN take this album to the next level.

Cln has stated this about the songs in the album, “I’ve tried to make this album cohesive and unique. I have not tried to stick to any templates or genres. I have essentially just made music that I think sounds cool. If it resonates with others too, then that is a huge bonus and I find it a huge privilege that there are people taking time to listen to my work.

I hope you enjoy it. Listen to it from start to finish if you can, preferably on a car ride to a beautiful unspoiled place. When you get there though, I encourage you to take out the headphones and enjoy the natural sounds instead”.

Listen and enjoy the new release below!


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