Australian Artist Chilli Reid Shares New Track ‘DIRT!‘ Featuring Squid The Kid

Australian artist Chilli Reid has recently released his captivating new track “DIRT!”, featuring talented collaborator Squid The Kid. This song, with its soothing melodies and intricate instrumentation, creates a calming yet rhythmically engaging atmosphere.

“DIRT!” explores the emotional turmoil that arises in the aftermath of a romantic relationship’s dissolution. Its catchy and seamless chorus delves into the dynamics of a toxic relationship that has ended, yet the involved parties continue to cross paths. This situation, laden with confusion and misplaced optimism, is vividly portrayed through the song’s lyrics.

As the protagonist reflects on the past relationship, they find themselves self-sacrificing for the elusive future of the partnership, viewing the situation through rose-tinted glasses and neglecting the underlying issues.

The song’s title “DIRT!” recurs throughout the track, acting as a gentle reminder to appreciate what we have and to remain gracious when we’re lacking. Despite being likened to ‘DIRT!’, the protagonist realizes that something beautiful, akin to the song itself, can emerge from the experience.

Reid’s relationship with music has always been a bit of a dance. It wasn’t until recently that he found it to be an indispensable part of his life. His struggle with mental illness, marked by feelings of loneliness, confusion, and ambiguity, ultimately inspired him to continue his musical journey.

Reid resonates with artists like Slowthai, Danny Brown, and Solo (Horrorshow) due to their candid introspection and vulnerability in their music.

Utilizing the rhythms he and his friends crafted during their teenage years, Reid found a therapeutic outlet to channel his mental health struggles, transforming negative energy into something enjoyable and beneficial.

Indulge in the raw emotional energy of Chilli Reid’s latest release “DIRT!”, featuring Squid The Kid, available for streaming below.


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