Australian Artist Freddie Bailey Unveils New Single ‘Want You To Want Me’

Fresh from The Voice 2022’s top 24, where the Kamilaroi/Tamworth native enthralled the public, including Keith Urban, Australian singer-songwriter Freddie Bailey had realeases his newes pop track, “Want You To Want Me”.

In his song “Want You To Want Me,” Bailey explores the dual nature of love. This song is great cos of Bailey’s smooth voice. Burning passion and desire are evident in the song’s lyrics, “You’ve got something I need, you’re all that I wanted“.

The raw reality of loving someone and the desire that they feel the same way are portrayed in the song “Want You To Want Me,” which is known for its poignant lyrical.

Bailey explains that, “I feel like this song can be seen from two different perspectives. One of them being from the perspective of a person who’s been in love with someone for the longest time, hoping they might feel that same longing for them to be a part of their life.

The other perspective being from a person who’s experienced that relationship. Left wondering if who they were with ever reminisces on the past and wants it back”.

The dreamy pop music is beautiful and reminiscent of how a daydream sounds, embellished with glittering synth and allowing the vocals to draw listeners in.

The chorus is heavily emotional, with pounding percussion and a rich, winding guitar pushing you into a wall of sound. Weaving guitar solos that release a built-up rush of emotion, the tune portrays the highs and lows of aching for missed compassion.

The delicious indie-pop song “Want You To Want Me,” produced, mixed, and polished by Joe LaPorta (Sterling Sound), takes you on a voyage that you want would go on forever.

“Want You To Want Me” by Freddie Bailey will transport you into a world of intense feeling. Listen the song just below:


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