Australian Artist Halfsesh Shares New Dark Pop Single ‘Think That’

Australian singer, songwriter and producer Halfsesh has just released her new single and first release of 2021, it is entitled “Think That”.

This new single is a mix between dark pop tones and some hip hop influences. It is composed of a roaring 808 bass as well as a catchy pop melody, it is two genres that Halfsesh loves to combine in order to create some dark but memorable songs.

In “Think That”, Halfsesh seems to address herself to her partner but they are at the end of a relationship because things weren’t going well and the other person seems to have hurt the singer, she sings in the chorus: “I can never know what’s going on in your head / It breaks from the pressure you confessed what you made / Lies after lies you would tell to your friends / But I dropped you quicker than you came in my bed.

About her track, Halfsesh shared: “This was one of those songs that I sat down to write and (not to be too cheesy) it really did write itself. It’s rare that that happens for me but I had a lot of emotion during the writing period of this track which really helped it all come together I think.

On her Instagram account, Halfsesh announced that “Think That” was only her first release of several other songs, so maybe we will have an EP?

Halfsesh is from Gold Coast in Australia and in her songs she combines soft, sweet vocals with dark, bass heavy, electronic and hip-hop sounding production. Many of her songs have a common point to have elements of darkness in them.

These darker elements help her to filter through her emotions but it is also where she can find herself in music. And it is not for nothing that The Weeknd‘s Beauty Behind The Madness album has an important place in her heart.

It is this album that helped her to find music that she really resonated with on a deeper level, and with this revelation, she started crafting her own musical career path.

“Think That” is definitely a good revelation too and we can wait to hear more from Halfsesh and her dark pop style! But for now you can listen to her new single here:


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