Australian Artist London Topaz Shares New Track ‘Drifting’ Featuring Blush’ko

Australian electronic-dance musician London Topaz, real name Nick Melitsis, has shared his new song titled “Drifting”. This song is very nice, indeed it has a soft and dynamic instrumentation, all accompanied by guest artist Blush’ko.

The highly anticipated new single was co-written by Rromarin in Melbourne’s Joyluck Studio and features the voice of a longtime collaborator, Blush’ko.

Nick Melitsis, creates a distinctive brand of indie-dance/electro house music that has been compared to a cross between RUFUS DU SOL and Hayden James.

Nick has been working diligently on a body of new music for the past two years and is eager to share it with us throughout the year. This week, he will introduce the next stage of London Topaz with his brand-new single, “Drifting.”

The song tells us about heartbreak, the different feelings and thoughts that our mind goes through when we are heartbroken. London Topaz expresses the pain and the nightmare that we can sometimes experience.

Talking about the inspiration behind the song, London Topaz says, “This song really means a lot to me. It was the first song I wrote post pandemic after taking some time away from music and wanted to capture what I had felt over the last few years.

The song is about trying to break free of imposter syndrome, but then always drifting back into feelings of inadequacy. The beauty is in the weight of the lyrics and the way it cruises over the instrumental“.

Regarding how the song came together, he added “I wrote ‘Drifting’ with Rromain after toying with other collaborations for a little while, so it waas pretty special to sit down and build together. She is a true master of her craft. I wanted the production to be light and ethereal but also have uplifting melancholy feel. The true essence of the song is in the vocal performance and delivery by Blush’ko – one of my long time collaborators”.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Drifting“ by London Topaz below!


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