Australian Band Joan & The Giants Release New Single ‘The Weekend’ Against Modern Style of Life

Melancon notes surrounded by a candid voice, “The Weekend” will take you back in time to when you were in high school, making you taste and live again those sweet and exciting days.

This is what the Australian band Joan & The Giants wanted to do with their new single “The Weekend” released on September 2 via Tomboi Records.

A powerful mix of guitar, piano, and percussion that declares war on those people who are just ‘living for the weekend’. A modern trend that takes people away from everyday excitement and happiness, replacing it with an uncontrollable desire to reach the end of a week.

The Boorloo/Perth-based ground wants to spur people to live daily with the same enthusiasm as when we were younger. The idea, which started this project, was born at the beginning of the pandemic, when Grace Newton-Wordsworth, the singer, felt a new sense of freedom:

“There was an excitement and a lack of responsibility that was so refreshing and turbulent. I think when we started getting back to reality and going to work and grinding to push a music career again, that pressure and ‘baggage’ came back onto my shoulders, and I really didn’t want to live purely for ‘the weekend’ or wait for a Friday night to feel some kind of relief”.

Joan & The Giant, the stage name for Grace, Aaron Birch, Riley Sutton, and Liam Olsen, and their folk-informed alt-pop style have started building their successful career since the very beginning of 2019, releasing (so far) two singles in 2022, “Slow Motion” and “Home Song”. Additionally, the band will be releasing their debut EP Me & You on September 23.

Listen to “The Weekend” on Spotify below.


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