Australian Songwriter Lazy Sunsets Returns With ‘The End Of Us’

Lazy Sunsets, the musical project led by Pete Stephenson, continues to draw listeners in with its signature blend of nostalgic pop, spanning genres from indie to country. The latest offering from this innovative project is a heart-tugging track named “The End of Us.”

As the fifth release from Lazy Sunsets, “The End of Us” represents a pivotal point in Stephenson’s musical journey. The song is tinged with melancholy but underscored by a powerful theme of empowerment.

Combining raw, emotive vocals with the gentle strumming of a guitar, it tells a relatable story of navigating a challenging relationship and discovering one’s strength along the way.

“The End of Us” presents an authentic and heartrending narrative. Stephenson describes it as a “collection of diary entries” meant to convey a message of hope amidst despair.

As the song progresses, it gradually transitions from a solitary voice into a crescendo of instruments, symbolizing the gain of confidence and support along the path to independence.

This track boasts a truly international flair, being a collaborative effort involving highly talented musicians from the US, UK, and Australia. It is available for streaming on all major platforms, offering listeners a uniquely soulful experience.

Lazy Sunsets first emerged on the music scene in 2022 with the release of the song “Tomorrow.” Since then, Pete Stephenson has brought his years of songwriting experience into play, delivering a series of varied tracks.

These include the energetic indie rock tune “In Another World,” the country-themed “The Sun’s Set on Our Days,” and the dance-pop number “Rainbow Memories.”

Based in Australia’s Gold Coast, Stephenson draws inspiration from 70s and 80s pop music. His sound, dubbed “nostalgia pop,” pairs pleasing, optimistic chord progressions and dreamy melodies with poignant, often melancholic themes.

Stephenson’s process involves starting with chord progression to develop the chorus and main hook, and then building the melody predominantly using chord tones. The lyrics usually come quickly with the melody and, in his words, are more “channelled” than “constructed.”

Although music is a passion project for Stephenson, who also holds a full-time job, his commitment to crafting heartfelt, relatable songs is unmistakable.

From his collaboration with producer Kara Greskovic to his engagements with talented artists from the UK and US, every track released under Lazy Sunsets carries a consistency in sound and quality, thanks to the common group of individuals involved in each song, including the vocalist, guitarist, mixer, and masterer.

Listen to “The End Of Us” below!


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