Austrian Artist Fleming Unveils Sultry New Track ‘Switching Lanes’

Austrian artist Fleming lands on our radar with his new single titled “Switching Lanes”. The soulful and seductive offering is described as playing like the soundtrack to a late night drive in the rain.

Thematically, it sees Fleming addressing the inner turmoil of being caught in a toxic secret relationship that you know is not good for you, but you keep returning to all the same, while sonically, Fleming uses muted synths and drawn-out guitar patterns as the sound bed for his atmospheric vocals to take shape.

As Fleming puts it, “‘Switching Lanes’ grapples with the helpless desire to idealize a relationship even though it’s obvious that pain and hurt lurk around the corner. The slow-burning musical intensities echo this yearning to get lost in a fantasy and forget the real world“.

Fleming comes from a producer’s background, having produced music for a bunch of soul and hip-hop artists in Austria. His music draws inspiration from the likes of Blood Orange and Childish Gambino as well as a childhood love for hip-hop music.

His own music can best be described as a seamless mix of alternative R&B, electronica and hazy pop that offer a sultry and soulful reflection of society’s innate fears and anxieties awash with late night haze. Think plenty of groove, slow-burning instrumentation and warm yet off-kilter electronic textures.

Watch the video for “Switching Lanes” here:


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