‘Bad Boys 3’ And ‘Bad Boys 4’ To Be Released In 2017 And 2019 | Film News


When thinking of the first two instalments in the Bad Boys franchise, the films had everything going for them; a talented and lovable cast headed up by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, an experienced action director in the form of Michael Bay and a great storyline. With both quickly becoming cult classics, they excelled in the box office making $141 million and $243 million respectively. Rumours of a possible sequel and return to the franchise over ten years later have been circulating, encouraged by star Martin Lawrence saying the project was “close to happening” earlier this year.


Well fans can finally rejoice, with Sony announcing that they will be returning to the franchise not only once but twice in the next five years! Bad Boys 3 has been scheduled for a February 17, 2017 release, meaning it will compete for the Valentine’s Day box office with 50 Shades Darker, the sequel to this year’s 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon.


Sony presume this will reinvent the series, giving Bad Boys 4 a prestigious summer release of July 3, 2019, showing they have alot of faith in the success of the action franchise. Unfortunately there is no news on whether Smith and Lawrence will reprise their roles but it seems likely with both showing interest in the project. The news came as part of a twelve film schedule Sony released up until 2019.



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