Balam Acab Releases Long Awaited Sophomore Album | Music News



Witch house musician Alec Koone, better known as Balam Acab, has released his new album via Bandcamp. The ominously titled ‘CHILD DEATH‘ is only five tracks long, but sees the Pennsylvania producer build on the murky, electronic sound that defined his previous releases Wander / Wonder and See Birds.


The record features a number of guest vocals, after Koone invited open contributions for the album over Facebook, as opposed to the usual tradition of sampling. The results are a broader, at times brighter and more lyrical output than his earlier work. Tones vary from dark, underwater-sounding synth, to more glistening, Final Fantasy-esque compositions. The video game that is, not Owen Pallet.


CHILD DEATH is available over Bandcamp here.



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