Basketball Star Lebron James To Play Lead In ‘Space Jam 2’ | Film News

Lebron James in talks for a ‘Space Jam 2’


Two-time NBA Championship winner Lebron James will star in the sequel to the classic Space Jam which originally starred Michael Jordan in 1996. James showed interested in starring in the sequel two years ago via twitter, which many believe begun the development on the project.


The original film starring Michael Jordan saw the villains steal basketball player’s ability to play the sport. Classic Looney Tunes characters such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck teamed up with Michael Jordan to win back the basketball player’s talent. So far not a lot has been revealed on the storyline for Space Jam 2.


However, the premise is believed to be the same, with a combination of comedy, animation and music as the format. Brothers Willie and Charlie Ebersol will write and produce the Space Jam sequel. The original film was successful because of Michael Jordan’s vast reach among people from all backgrounds who are not familiar with the sport yet know him well, it remains to be seen if Lebron James can do the same for the sequel.



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