‘Batman And Robin’ Sequel To Be Released As Comic Book Series | Film News


Fans of the caped crusader, Batman, are going to be completely torn with the news that Joel Schumacher is revisiting this much loved character by writing a Batman and Robin sequel – this time, in comic book form. It’s been reported that Schumacher has enlisted the help of Dustin Nguyen, to draw said sequel and plans to make it a twelve-issue series. Turns out the story will be based on the never-made third Schumacher Batman movie, Batman Triumphant. After the terrible reviews and comments about Batman and Robin, plans for Batman Triumphant were scraped. Rumor has it that The Scarecrow will be the main villain for Batman Triumphant, which will also feature The Joker and Harley Quinn. So, will a Batman and Robin sequel do better as a comic book than a movie? I seriously hope so.



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