‘Batman’ Film To Feature Will Smith’s ‘Deadshot’ | Film News



As the DC movie universe exapnds in an attempt to rival Marvel’s supremacy more rumours are beginning to surface. With the recent release of the spoilerific trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , the following DC film, David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad has taken a back seat. Set for relase in August 2016 it will feature a number of DC villains teaming up including Will Smith‘s Deadshot, Margot Robbie‘s Harley Quinn and an appearance from Jared Leto‘s new take on the joker.


Ben Affleck is also set to direct his own Batman film but could he be teaming up with Will Smith’s Deadshot? Latino Review is reporting that Smith is in negotiations to join Affleck’s solo Batman movie and it would be a major role. This is currently all speculation, but does it fall into the Marvel trap of announcing future projects too soon so we know who survives the films due for release first?


Are DC counting their movie universe chickens before they have hatched? We are yet to actually see Ben Affleck’s Batman or Will Smith’s Deadshot on the big screen. However I have a sneaky suspicion I will enjoy both intrepretations of these great DC characters and I am excited about the prospect of them together. You can remind yourself of the great Suicide Squad trailer below.




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