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There is a debut album coming on Friday, February 3 from Beachheads, a new band formed by two members of Kverlertak. Unlike the latter, this Oslo, Norway outfit focus more upon strong melodies than heavy rock. Album track, “Your Highness”, has already received early support, including the Rockest Record on the Radio 1 Rock Show from Dan P Carter.


The track is heavily inspired by the likes of Husker Du.  Other highlight, “Moment Of Truth”, shares far more in common with Teenage Fanclub than the heavy rock that inspired Kverlertak.  Apparently the nucleus of the band formed on the tour bus, as Kvelertak guitarist, Vidar Landa, and bassist, Marvin Nygaard, sought their own statement of intent.




01. Moment of Truth 2:44
02. Break Me Down 2:49
03. Your Highness 2:24
04. Despair 1:51
05. Una 3:34
06. Give Me Some Love 4:00
07. Reverberations 3:47
08. Procession 2:38
09. Treasure Chest 2:47
10. Monologues 1:55
11. Addiction Not Love 2:46
12. It Feels Alright 3:36



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