Ben Stiller Battles Midlife Crisis In New Trailer For ‘While We’re Young’ | Film Trailer


Up and coming Noah Baumbach comedy, While We’re Young, gets a brand new trailer, starring Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as two middle age lost souls, who find solace in the company an exciting new, younger couple. A24 Films has released the new trailer in order to whet your appetite for this quirky and heartwarming story.


Also starring Amanda Seyfried and Adam Drive, the story takes a look at childless, married couple Cornelia and Josh (Watts and Stiller) who form a bond with exciting, carefree couple Darby and Jamie (Seyfried and Drive) in the hopes that their fresh, youthful mindset will push them out of a midlife crisis funk. While the general premise reminds me slightly of something along the Larry Crowne lines – which would be just terrible, but the trailer gives a cool glimpse into what could potentially turn out to be a really fun movie. Also starring Maria Dizzia, Charles Grodin and Brady Corbet, While We’re Young gets a limited release on March 27 with a wider release planned for later in the year.



Source: Yahoo 



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