Bernz – When It’s Gone | New Music



¡MAYDAY! is an exceptional hip hop music duo with Bernz being the one emcee in its composition. Bernz now has his own solo music attempt and to tell you the truth he is brilliant in it.


His latest single from his upcoming solo album See You On The Other Side is called “When It’s gone” and he has featured in it, Kiddo whose vocals are dreamy and perfect, so this single has all the right reasons to be a fresh summer uplifting mood song with a romantic side for those sweet summer nights…


Even though Bernz will make you heartfelt in this track he has also as we know a hard side, so combining those two we can anticipate a really powerful album with lots of variations in it. So enjoy for now this sweet song from him, have a fantastic time listening to it and just wait for his album which is going to be released in July 8!




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