Berry Juice + Deirdre – She Got The Moon | New Music


Berry Juice is an Amsterdam-based musician who wants to bring back the funk. And he first did so with his critically-acclaimed “Messin’ Around” featuring Josh Tobias.


Berry Juice doesn’t want to live in our era, and as travelling back in time is not physically possible, he uses music to make the 80’s reborn.


Josh and I love the funk/disco era, and we wanted to create something that sounded fresh but also pay homage to that golden era of music“, said Berry about his previous track.


And to follow his mission, he’s back on October 18, with a new single named “She Got The Moon” featuring vocalist Deirdre.


He takes you to palm trees, sunsets and 80’s sports cars with his nu-disco jam track. It’s a Berry Juice signature track, mixing old-school influences with catchy vocals, guitar and glittering synths. The hook “She got the moon in her eyes. She’s keeps dancing ’till she dies” will make you sing while dancing to the bombastic track.


The track is out via French label Sidekick Music, with the cover art designed by burgeoning illustrator Mr.Melville himself. Listen to “She Got The Moon” below:




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