Best Friend Duo Ray Rhemey Unveil Debut Single ‘Good Luck Charm’

Introducing our new fave femme best friend duo Ray Rhemey with their debut single titled “Good Luck Charm”. The duo is made up of singer/actress TaRhea and “mint mami” Vilda Ray, and for their new single, they have linked up with producer Jay Cass to bring the track to life.

The duo claim to have created a new musical identity all of its own by way of Pop&B Funk, which we are presuming is a fusion of pop, R&B and funk music. They create fresh music for the old soul, driven by two bright voices over live feel-good instrumentation, or as they put it, the music is “pure, untainted by strict structure, only guided by what’s essential to make you move your feet“.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Good Luck Charm” and what the song represents, Ray Rhemey says, “it tells a story of unrequited love. The lessons your partner learned from receiving your outpouring love are now applied to someone new. United, they accept their fate as good luck charms“.

For the accompanying music video for “Good Luck Charm”, TaRhea and Vilda Ray have collaborated with video director Peter Lansworth, director of photography David Sherbrook and Sligo Studios to put together a fun and colourful visual affair that elevates the track that much more.

Watch the video for “Good Luck Charm” below:


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