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In this week’s free NME, Scottish band Biffy Clyro have discussed their upcoming album, which will follow 2013 record Opposites.


Frontman Simon Neil told the magazine: “We’re [recording] it in Eldorado studios in Los Angeles with Rich Costey [Muse, Frank Turner]. We needed a change after three records with Garth [Richardson]. Garth is very rock; he makes things sound classic. Rich wants to make things sound as fucked up as possible and that was a good switch mentally for us. We wanted to force ourselves to take a left turn, keep ourselves guessing.


For the first time ever we’ve been messing around properly with programming, so rather than making the heavy parts heavy with guitars and distortion, we’re trying to find different ways to make things intense”.


The singer continued saying that the new record will be leaner and meaner, adding: “this one is just embracing the chaos. This is the first one where we’ve been feeling our way in the dark a little”.


Although a release date is not set yet, they assured the new album should come out in April or May.



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