Big French + Smallz + Kickz – Mama Raised A Savage | Music Video



Big French has just released the video for his single, “Mama Raised A Savage”, cameo appearances by Smallz and Kickz. The track concerns the realities of inner city life and all that it entails. French’s mother is, the lyrics say, “back at home fighting cancer”, and this daresay, given the song title, shapes the track, too.


“Mama Raised A Savage” opens deep and thoughtful, sounding like the grounded trying to ascend to heaven but left stuck on Earth. Deep, almost bottomless bass amidst shimmering soundscape reinforces that feeling. The hook appears to be autotuned, but tastefully done. “Can’t be married to the streets and the belly of the beast” an apt line by the man himself.


The video is very much centred around said inner city streets, the lads out and about with numerous friends and associates. At least part of it is not so much French evading the long arm of the law; rather remaining sharp enough not to walk into the enemy’s line of fire, whether grievous bodily harm or death.




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