‘Big Hero 6’ To Be Another Smash Hit For Disney | Film News

Disney film ‘Big Hero 6’ premieres trailer


On November 7, we will be graced with the presence of Disney’s new movie Big Hero 6, and according to early buzz, this will be another huge hit for Disney. The verdict for the hype has been due to opinions over social media with tweets about the film reading the likes of “#bighero6 is visually inventive, exciting and astounding“, “BIG HERO 6 is basically a REAL GENIUS riff in which the nerds become superheroes“. And so, you get the hang of it. The trailer is available online now and it provides a good reason for the hype with the inflatable, robot superhero Big Hero 6 bringing a new vibe to Disney adventure films. Speaking for myself, I am pretty pumped about it and cannot wait to see it!




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