Blame My Youth Fuse Japanese Culture And Western Rock On ‘Tokyo Rose’

Alternative band Blame My Youth has dropped their latest track, “Tokyo Rose,” today. Directed by Kenta Takamiya and set in Tokyo, the accompanying music video showcases the vibrant fusion of Japanese culture and Western rock.

The video, filmed at Tokyo’s Top Beat Club, features Johnny Pandora, a leading figure in the “Samurai Rock ‘N Roll” movement. Sean Van Vleet, Blame My Youth’s frontman, shares his inspiration behind the collaboration, stating, “We reached out to Johnny, sent him the song, and weeks later, he was co-starring in the video with me at the Top Beat Club in Tokyo.”

This release follows the success of Blame My Youth’s previous hits like “The Break” and “Running,” which have been climbing the alternative charts. The band has also toured with renowned acts such as The Offspring, Lit, and HARDY.

Sean Van Vleet, the artist behind Blame My Youth, has a rich musical background, having previously been part of the indie band Empires. After branching out into songwriting and syncs, he returned to his roots with Blame My Youth.

Blame My Youth’s journey reflects Van Vleet’s evolution as a musician and songwriter. Collaborating with Billboard Top 100 Producer Joey Moi, their partnership has resulted in emotionally resonant tracks like “The Break,” signaling a new chapter for the band.

With “Tokyo Rose,” Blame My Youth continues their sound, blending influences from both sides of the Pacific. As they gear up for headline shows in St. Louis and Milwaukee, the band’s trajectory only promises to soar higher in the alternative music scene!

Watch the music video for “Tokyo Rose” below!


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