Blink-182 Postpones El Paso Concert After Deadly Mass Shooting | Music News

LOS ANGELES – 2011: Band Blink 182 poses for a publicity photo shoot at the Sound Matrix Studio for their album, Neighborhoods in Orange County, California 2011. Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, Travis Barker(Photo by Estevan Oriol/Getty Images)


Blink-182 were due to perform last Sunday in El Paso, Texas, but the show was postponed following the massacre that took place in Walmart the day before.


A 21-year-old armed man opened fire at a shopping area in El Paso last Saturday, killing 20 people and injuring another 26.


The US pop/punk band made the announcement via twitter, saying “Following today’s terrible tragedy in El Paso we are postponing our Sunday, August 4th show at the UTEP Don Haskins Arena in solidarity with the community. Please stay tuned for further updates coming soon. Sending our love to the entire community of El Paso”.


The band members were already in the city, staying in a hotel near the Cielo Vista Mall, where the mass shooting occurred. Mark Hoppus, Blink-182’s bass player, tweeted that he and the others were “locked down” during the terrorist act.


“We are locked down in our hotel in el paso. over the intercom system they just announced that there are reports of another active shooter directly across the street at a location different from the first shootings”, Hoppus tweeted. The bassist kept updating his profile page with new information about the event for a while.


Blink-182 haven’t announced a new date for the concert yet, as they are currently on a co-headlining tour with Lil Wayne but, hopefully, they will find a new date soon so people from El Paso can enjoy their music after they recover from the terrible tragedy.



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