BLXPLTN – Education Destruction | Music Video


The Austin-based punk rockers BLXPLTN have just released the music video for their new single “Education Destruction“, out on their own label Wolfshield Records. This track is the first one to be lifted from their upcoming new album.


The band is well known for championing social justice for people of colour, the LGBTQ community, women, immigrants and the forgotten members of society. Indeed they have often faced themes of inequality and the connection between illiteracy and criminality. All themes that you can hear through “Education Destruction” lyrics.


In these clever lyrics, the singer TaSzlin Muerte talks about his personal struggle within the system highlighting the problem of the misinformation forced upon laypeople by the wealthy upper-class. The clip which accompanying the song matches perfectly with the lyrics because is able to show these troubles using the sunglasses metaphor as an instrument to see clearly the lies underneath and the subliminal mind-control in the advertising surrounding us.


Check out this interesting music video below:




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