Bow Wow Clowned Trump And Failed? | Music News


The photo of Bow W.. I mean Shad Moss I chose for this piece is a literal expression of how I feel reading his response to Trump’s response (see image below) to Snoop Dogg’s new video “Lavendar”. I am perplexed in other words.



Now there is nothing wrong with Shad wanting to interject his two cents into the fiasco as him and Snoop have a long term friendship outside of music; however it’s what he said that was uncalled for (see tweet below).


This takes me back to when he announced Omarion was single and invited him out to the club via Instagram before Omarion and Apryl even had a chance to address the issue.



Honestly, there is not a lot else I can say about his behaviour of late but each time he manages to make himself look a little more ridiculous than the last time. When you sound crazier than the orange president of the USA, I can only offer one word of advice: get it together!



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