BOYS24 Lee Hwa-young Kicked Out Of Group | Music News


Remember Lee Hwa-young? The pre-debut Korean boy band BOYS24 member that took a turn in the hot seat after his comments degrading fans came to light? He’s officially been given the boot from the group.


BOYS24’s management company, CJ E&M, called an emergency meeting to discuss Hwa-young’s future, after an audio clip of him complaining about how sick he felt after catering to “bad-breath” fans became a huge hit on real-time search engines.


Hwa-young had been taken out of the group’s activities and promotions since last Friday, but the label has finally stepped forward to confirm that Hwa-young would be leaving both the group and the company.


We worried that his problem would heavily tarnish the image of BOYS24 and would hurt our fans who have given unconditional love for BOYS24,” announced CJ E&M in an official statement regarding Hwa-young’s departure. “Therefore, we decided to terminate the contract with him and ultimately dismiss him from BOYS24”. Ouch!



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