Breakage + Liam Bailey – Revelation | New Music


“Revelation” is a taste of what’s to come on Breakage’s forthcoming third album, When The Night Comes. This track gets to the heart of what it means to build to a stunning crescendo. Although there is a definite structure underpinning this track, its strength comes from the escalation just beyond the halfway point. This has the effect of making it sound like one, rising expression of feeling. From start to finish, “Revelation” is a collection of stunning moments.


This track doesn’t drop the ball once. It’s economical, while at the same time, making you question how the soundtrack and vocals have been melded so well. I admire the creativity and thoughtfulness of both artists. To a certain extent, I was unsurprised at the clarity and skill on this mix. Massive Attack have creatively tipped their hat to Breakage already for doing a fantastic job of remixing their Heligo Land track, “Paradise Circus”. The next single on the agenda from Breakage is called “Future”. For now though, get well acquainted with “Revelation” here.




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