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Brian De Palma Directing New Thriller ‘Lights Out’ | Film News



His career has lay dormant for a number of years, with only a few squirts of activity his last film Passion being made back in 2012 and before that Redacted in 2007, and neither of these films were particularly noteworthy. There once was a time where Brian De Palma stood ground with some of the best directors in the business, having made classics like Carrie (Sissy Spacek), Scarface (Al Pacino), The Untouchables (Sean Connery, Kevin Costner).


Still when he’s up to something it might be worth listening. His next picture will see his (hopefully still going) directorial sensibilities to China in Lights Out, a film about a Chinese woman joining an assassination program, being blind means that her other senses are enhanced and I’m wondering if De Palma has ever read Daredevil before.


The film will be released by Hauce Pictures and Arclight Films and will be written by Lamont Magee and Jeff W. Byrd. While I’m not the hugest fan of De Palma I still wish the best for him. I’m a huge fan of The Untouchables in particular and I appreciate the voyeuristic style he uses in his work. I hope he can drive his auteur style and craft to make a great movie and make a comeback to cinema.



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