Brian McFadden Announces New Single And First Dublin Show In 10 Years | Music News


Brian McFadden has announced that he will be going on tour and releasing a new single. The former Westlife singer will be performing in his hometown of Dublin after nearly 10 years. McFadden announced the news on Facebook and Twitter by saying “Exciting news coming in next week about new single and shows in London and for the first time in 10 years………….Dublin. I’m coming home“.


Ronan Keating expressed his happiness for the singer by commenting on his Facebook announcement: “Looking Forward to hearing all about it pal and hearing the tunes“. With other ex-Westlife members Shane and Mark having news coming out next week also, fans are getting their hopes up and speculations about a reunion are surfacing. With one fan saying “Oh getting exciting now as Brian, Shane and Mark all have exciting news next week!? Come on Nicky and Kian!!” and another saying “Shane also has news? Reunion?“.


Brian McFadden has kept himself busy since leaving Westlife, by performing on dancing shows and doing some TV presenting work. His new music will be a follow up to 2012’s The Irish Connection. Watch Brian McFadden’s “Mistakes” featuring Delta Goodrem below.




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