Bright Light Bright Light + Elton John – I Wish We Were Leaving | Music Video


We shared with you, this single from Bright Light Bright Light a few weeks ago featuring Elton John and you can read up on our thoughts on it here. Today, the video for “I Wish We Were Leaving” has been released, directed by Johnny Lochland, watch it below and head over to iTunes to purchase the single.


“When you get different video treatments pitched it’s not always easy to know you’re picking the right one, but when James and Johnny (Offside Rules) sent their idea across, completely by coincidence, the location they chose for the shoot is a burger joint that the person the song is about used to talk about all the time. So I thought that was as clear a sign as any. We got screamed at by the parking attendant and it was freezing, so all in all it was quite a day. But the team were lovely, and some of my best friends make little cameos, so it wasn’t all drama” – Bright Light Bright Light




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