Brighton Singer, Songwriter And MC Tiawa Releases New Track ‘Be Fine’

Young Brighton singer-songwriter and MC Tiawa (real name Tia-Awa Blackhorse), combines melodies and neo-soul sensibilities with raw storytelling and thought-provoking lyricism in his distinctive, laid-back vocal style in her newly released song “Be Fine”.

“Be Fine” is a mantra of certainty that combines her soulful vocals with the steely edge of a rap-styled cadence. The lyrics, which were written during a restless night, provide comfort while the melody climbs, dips, and shimmers with an increasing sense of optimism. The assurance that everything would “Be Fine” grows in weight as the vocals layer and Tiawa’s sound becomes more complete.

Regarding her collaboration with producer and multi-instrumentalist Jack-Chi aka Jack Kingslake, Tiawa explains, “Jack sent the beat, I started humming the melody, and the words just poured.”

The contrast between “Be Fine” and “Mountains Of Metal (Version)”, which switches from the pair’s most recent collaboration to one of their earliest, gives the idea that Tiawa is imparting the “Be Fine” message to her former self. The song “Mountains Of Metal (Version)” was inspired by her brother’s initiation into manhood, which involved a journey from his hometown to the favelas of Lisbon, Portugal.

It combines jazz flutes, hip-hop beats, and raw storytelling in a softer arrangement than that of the song’s “Moonlit Train” counterpart. The strength and potential of Tiawa’s thought-provoking lyrics are inevitable: “I wanted to transform people’s minds”, she muses of her motivation for writing “Mountains Of Metal (Version)” when she was just 14 years old.

Tiawa reiterates the messages present in “Be Fine”, speaking both for her adult and younger self: “I’ve been overwhelmed by the messages from people saying how much my music has helped them. One person said my music “liberated” them. That’s the reason I make music in the first place. I knew I had a message, and that people would be able to relate. I knew it was going to liberate people. You have to start somewhere”.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Be Fine” below!


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