British Artist Sophomooreik Releases New Single ‘Up To No Good’

British artist Sophomooreik has released the first track “Up To No Good” from his debut mixtape Over My Shoulder that will be released next year.

According to the artist, the track is an honest depiction of his lifestyle disguised under a veil of bravado. He claims that he was mainly inspired by his day to day life and the different points in his life.

Emerging artist Sophomooreik is only 23-years old and ready to make a name for himself. Coming from North West London, he combines elements of trap with electronic music and alternative hip-hop.

In 2019, he released his first EP EASYAS (Growing Up) and last year, he released his sophomore EP EASYAS (Self Indulgence), which takes listeners into the life of an artist that struggles looking for more and the let downs that happen along the way.

For the new song and future mixtape, you can expect the storyteller perspective when he uses his own experiences and the experiences of those around him. Constructing a semi-fictional and semi-autobiographical and authentic narrative, he develops every one of his works in a unique way.

Speaking about the single, Sophomooreik says, “this is the first track from my debut mixtape ‘Over My Shoulders’ and this track is an honest depiction of my lifestyle disguised under a veil of bravado. It’s mainly inspired by my day to day life as-well as depicting my mindstate at different points of my life. Thank you for listening Soph x“.

Listen to “Up To No Good” now:


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