British EDM Group LZ7 Return With New Single ‘Heart Unchained’

British EDM group LZ7 is back with a soulful new track, “Heart Unchained.” Collaborating with The London Community Gospel Choir, the band delivers a powerful message about faith and resilience.

The song follows their 2023 hit, “Last Night,” which soared to the Top 10 on Upfront Club Charts. LZ7’s music, blending electronic beats with rap and pop influences, resonates with audiences of all ages.

From the start, LZ7 has kept a relevance and honesty about their music,” says a representative. “Their message of hope shines through.”

With infectious melodies and meaningful lyrics, LZ7’s music connects deeply with listeners. “Heart Unchained” speaks to facing life’s challenges with unwavering faith.

According to the band, the song draws on personal experiences, offering a deeper perspective to fans. “We want to bring the world closer to Jesus,” they explain.

LZ7’s live performances are known for their explosive energy and captivate audiences worldwide. As the world slowly opens up, LZ7 is hitting the road, playing festivals and schools across the UK.

“Their music is not just entertainment; it’s a source of inspiration,” says a fan. “It’s refreshing to hear positive messages in today’s music scene.”

With “Heart Unchained,” LZ7 continues to spread positivity and uplift audiences. Stay tuned for more from this dynamic EDM group.

For those looking to experience LZ7’s music, you can find them on Spotify, Apple Music, or catch them live in concert.

Don’t miss out on the uplifting vibes of “Heart Unchained” and the rest of LZ7’s electrifying catalog.

Watch the music video for “Heart Unchained” below!


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