British Ghanaian Artist Mark Asari Returns With New Single ‘Money Man’

British-Ghanaian R&B singer-songwriter and producer, Mark Asari, re-emerges onto the music scene with his latest single, “Money Man“.

This track presents an amusing narrative revolving around a privileged woman who leans heavily on her man’s wealth, expecting grand gifts and dining experiences at the most high-end restaurants. Yet, she never chips in her part of the bill or reciprocates.

“Money Man,” co-written and produced by UK producers, MARL and Malek Loveridge, along with UK Dancehall vocalist Hayzell, masterfully weaves together Dancehall, Pop, and R&B.

The resulting fusion ignites a potent, energetic yet alluring sound bound to set the dance floor ablaze. This single heralds Mark’s forthcoming EP, ASARI, due out later this year.

Highly talented Mark Asari, who previously charmed millions of viewers on the esteemed UK talent show, The Voice UK in 2018, now embarks on an exciting new phase in his artistic journey. Known for his resilient spirit and unwavering determination, Mark has indelibly imprinted himself in the hearts of his faithful followers.

A London native of Ghanaian descent, Mark Asari exhibited a musical inclination from an early age. His remarkable vocal prowess and compelling songwriting ability caught the attention of renowned musicians, leading to collaborations with industry icons such as Ariana Grande, Craig David, and Tinie Tempah.

Adding to his list of accomplishments, Mark has been chosen to play Simba in Disneyland Paris’s production of The Lion King: Rhythm of the Pride Lands by Disney.

His journey from humble beginnings to the lavish Disney stages stands as a vivid testament to how passion and the pursuit of dreams can triumph over the harshest adversities. Join us in celebrating Mark Asari’s ascension as we witness this remarkable phase in his creative journey.

Listen to the new single “Money Man” by Mark Asari below!


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