British Indian Artist Jasmine Thakral Releases New Single ‘Running In A Haze’

British-Indian singer-songwriter Jasmine Thakral released her new single “Running In A Haze” on August 20 on all digital streaming platforms. The song is basically about how the lockdown was extremely depressing and saddening for her on many levels.

With her strong and calming voice, she has managed to depict clearly, her sense of longing to find her way back from a hazy state of mind. As she can be found spending much of her time in her home studio, there is no doubt that Jasmine has a lot more tunes that are ready to be released any day now.

Jasmine was raised listening to some of the world’s best singers and songwriters such as Taylor Swift, Lorde and Lana Del Rey. She also gets inspired by the world’s most famous poeticism of Joni Mitchell and the DIY origins of Dodie as well as the Hindi music her Indian-born parents used to play.

The lyrics of her songs mostly talk about her life as they mainly revolve around her friendships, state of mind and favorite fictional characters from TV shows and books. She writes dreamy, melancholic indie pop, which has been described as an excellent soundtrack for a late-night walk back home.

Listen to ‘Running In A Haze’ below:


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