British Musician Calum Scott Shares New Single ‘Lighthouse’

In a dazzling reappearance on the music scene, Calum Scott, the multi-platinum artist, unveils his latest single, “Lighthouse”. This soulful love anthem, produced by the talented duo Nocturns (Charlie Martin and Joe Housley), highlights Calum’s boldness and confidence like never before.

“Lighthouse” is a complete ballad exploring the theme of light in darkness, a beacon of hope on the horizon. Calum’s enchanting vocal presence, paired with pulsating rhythms and radiant piano work, creates an epic sonic experience. The lush track takes listeners on a journey, with beautifully layered vocals building into a powerful declaration of irresistible devotion.

Calum collaborated with renowned lyricists such as Charlie Martin, Joe Housley, Corey Sanders, and Jon “MAGS” Maguire to infuse the lyrics with tender confession and unbridled romanticism. The result is a monumental story, accompanied by live guitar, bass, and keyboards, adding to the bright sound of the song.

Sharing thoughts on the recording process, Calum expressed his determination to sing with passion and raw emotion. The production elevates the story to monumental heights, setting the stage for the stadiums he is poised to conquer alongside Ed Sheeran on the “Mathematics Tour.”

With “Lighthouse,” Calum Scott kicks off the year with brilliance. This release follows his recent duet with German artist Zoe Wees and his successful collaboration with Jax Jones on “Whistle.” As Calum joins Ed Sheeran for a global tour, fans can expect an enchanting show highlighting his charisma and emotive intensity.

Revealed during the 2015 season of Britain’s Got Talent with his poignant rendition of Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own,” Calum Scott has since captivated audiences with hits like “You Are The Reason” and his gold-certified debut album, “Only Human.” The journey continues with his second album, “Bridges,” and today, the radiant “Lighthouse.”

Calum’s musical journey, from victories in local competitions to supporting global stars, illustrates his ascent to the status of a true musical luminary. As he explores new horizons and delivers moving performances, “Lighthouse” marks a new chapter in Calum Scott’s extraordinary career.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to Calum’s music, “Lighthouse” promises an unforgettable sonic journey, leaving you eagerly anticipating the next gems from this talented artist.

Listen to “Lighthouse” here!


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