British Musician Sekou Shares His New Track ‘Better Man’

British musician Sekou unveils his latest track, “Better Man”, an artfully crafted composition marked by a simple production style, a captivating piano melody, subtle percussion, and thoughtful lyrics exploring themes of growth, introspection, and redemption.

“Better Man” is more than just a song; it’s a resonant message that prompts listeners to confront their flaws and strive for improvement in a world that often seems indifferent. It’s an honest narrative, conveying a message that transcends borders and resonates universally.

Eminent industry tastemakers laud Sekou as the emerging “voice of his generation.” His new single ‘Better Man‘ blends modern R&B elements seamlessly, serving as an audacious showcase of his unique sound and musical prowess.

First unveiled at the BBC Music Introducing tent at the Glastonbury Festival in 2022, this emotionally intense ballad is enshrined in a lush orchestration, amplifying Sekou’s powerful vocals and poignant lyrics to create an unforgettable auditory experience.

Sekou’s ascent to musical recognition at the young age of 18 has been nothing short of phenomenal. With a love for singing nurtured from early childhood, he started crafting and performing his own songs as a teenager, seizing every opportunity to share his talent. Hailing from Ashby, a town west of Leicester, Sekou is a testament to the abundant talent emerging from this region.

His big break came in 2021 when he was ‘discovered’ performing in a parking lot, following several cover performances posted on Instagram. This pivotal moment ignited his career, leading him down a path to considerable recognition in the music industry.

Having collaborated with acclaimed artists such as producer and singer-songwriter Labrinth, Sekou’s talent has won over an impressive roster of admirers, including Sam Smith, Anderson.Paak, Bruno Mars, Dua Lipa, and Leon Bridges.

Immerse yourself in the heartfelt narrative of “Better Man” by Sekou, available for listening below.


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