British Nigerian Rap Artist BREIS Shares New Single ‘Wahala’ | Music News


South London based Nigerian Rap Artist BREIS has released his brand new single “Wahala” in collaboration with German Nigerian neo-soul star Nneka.


It’s the first release of 2020 for BREIS and follows up on the success of his single “Stay Diligent” from last summer. Furthermore the song delivers a first glimpse into his upcoming fourth studio EP Arise & Shine, due to be released later this moth.


The vintage reggae tune is produced by Brixton DJ Keith Lawrence and comes together with hip hop such as jazz elements. In addition to that the song offers afrobeats and a deep storytelling by BREIS who switches between English and Nigerian Pidgin.


Nneka complements the song with great vocals that seem effortless and add a special energy to the single. The word ‘wahala’ means trouble in Nigerian Pidgin and the song deals with the circumstance that everybody lives through trouble sometimes.


BREIS and Nneka want to share that you can’t avoid trouble completely and the only thing that matters is how you deal with that ‘wahala’ when it comes.


This was the first song I wrote in Nigerian Pidgin, it feels good to be able to finally share it. The take away from ‘Wahala’ is that everybody has some sort of wahala to deal with, be smart in how you respond to it”, BREIS explains further.


He also reflects on the situation caused by the lockdown and how the virus affected people in many ways. “In the midst of all of these things, how we respond is key” he states out.


Director Vee Makausu helmed the accompanied visuals which were filmed in South Africa to retell an age-old tale of ‘wahala’ by way of adultery, heartbreak and violence. Listen to the track and watch the official music video below.




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