British Nigerian Singer-Songwriter Azul Kechi Releases Self-Titled Single ‘Azul’

Azul Kechi is a Nigerian-British singer-songwriter born in South London on the millennium’s hit, bringing exciting flavours of pop, soul, and rnb together for a modern era of music. She combines influences from different artists like Amy Winehouse, Betty Davis, and Lauryn Hill with a fresh, new and raw rhythmic vocal style that is unique to Azul.

Her music is heavily influenced by her experiences in life as a person who feels different and is coming into their own in the world. Her first single, ‘Azul,’ is a self-titled autobiographical song that serves as a soulful introduction to the distinct sound of Azul Kechi, which she will debut in 2022.

An upbeat rnb song with captivating melodies and soulful grooves. It’s Azul’s self-titled debut song that also brings a new sound to the world of rnb. It has influences from old school rnb legends such as Lauryn Hill as well as a modern spice like the one of Greentea Peng.

Azul Kechi said that her new single, ‘Azul’ is a chill, mellow soul/rnb track that is self-titled, introducing her as an artist to the world. She also said that her single from her upcoming album is a chilled out rnb/soul jam, a self-titled number that’s catchy, sassy, and will get you in your feels.

Listen to Azul Kechi’s first self-titled single “Azul” below.


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