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British singer Kelli-Leigh has just released her new single titled “You Don’t Know Me”. The song is a real pop anthem and brings lots of joy when listening to it. The track is full of joy and a good vibe with the beat, but in the end when we listen to the lyrics, well it is another story.


Regarding the lyrics, it is all about people judging without having the full story and without trying to understand, and leading to creating up a personality that is not yours, with Kelli-Leigh singing, “Think you know my story / Judged the page you read / Pretend you know me best“. Being an open book doesn’t mean someone can easily know you.


The single reflects quite a bit on the current society, how people can be judged for everything and nothing, without giving their side of the story or having the chance to defend themselves. In the chorus, Kelli-Leigh puts it out this way, “Don’t speak on me if you don’t know me / Why do you care what I do? / Don’t speak of me with your friends talking/ Why do they care what I do?


The song has the lyrics and the perfect pop beat to match. Accompanied by an electric guitar and the clapping sound, it gives the right rhythm for that song, bu also Kelli-Leigh has a good pop voice so the mix of all these ingredients brings you “You Don’t Know Me”.


Kelli-Leigh is definitely a rising singer in the UK and overseas. She has proven with multiple singles that she has the voice for it. She has also worked with British pop icons Adele as a backing singer and Leona Lewis, and in the past three years, has really taken her career into her own hands and rose in the music industry.


She also has a good UK chart streak, lending her voice to several chart-topping songs and featuring as the vocalist on a number of club anthems including “More Than Friends” by James Hype and on “I Got U” by Duke Dumont and Jax Jones.


Kelli-Leigh is an artist to follow, she could be the next UK pop singer in vogue. Maybe an album is on its way, we will have to wait and see what she will come up with next.


Go and listen to the track here:




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