British Underground Rap Group Frozemode Unveil New Single ‘Stick Dat’

The dynamic underground rap group, Frozemode, have unveiled their exhilarating new single, “Stick Dat“, released on May 19.

A relatively new force on the scene, Frozemode is a blend of musical talents comprising three rappers, I.V.Gatlin, Cho-Hollo, and Lisong. Just five months into their journey, the group is already creating ripples in the music industry with their distinctive fusion of hip-hop, rock, funk, and rap elements.

“Stick Dat” explores the group’s response to their meteoric rise to fame and the dramatic shift in people’s attitudes based on success and social stature.

The song offers an introspective look at the sudden, often disorienting change in behavior from those within and beyond their immediate circles, brought on by their promising start in the music scene.

Having received recognition and support from BBC Radio, and being spotlighted as Jack Saunders’ ‘Next Wave’ on Future Artists, Frozemode’s star is undoubtedly on the rise.

The group’s eventful year includes five scheduled performances at The Great Escape and Alt-Escape, a feature at Upset Magazine’s Volkswagen stage, and sharing the stage with NOISY at The Arch.

The group’s surging popularity, initially ignited by their preceding singles “Simon Says” and “Maybelline”, has been further amplified by “Stick Dat”. The single has already garnered over 100k streams across various music platforms, painting a promising picture of Frozemode’s future.

With the group firmly set on their journey to make a mark in the music industry, fans and critics alike should keep their eyes peeled for Frozemode’s next steps.

Don’t miss out on the vibrant energy of “Stick Dat” by Frozemode. Listen below!


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