Broken Twin – No Darkness | Music Video


Broken Twin’s music is as stunning as she is, she needs no bigging up or selling, her music sells itself and is simplicity at its finest, and she truly is an example of real authentic music. New single “No Darkness” which is to be released on August 11 via Anti Records, is a perfect example of not only her vocal ability that is crystal clear (as are her vocals), but of her true song-writing ability that she has established amongst critics and fans in the past year.


Broken Twin’s music contains no fancy tricks or edits but just her haunting vocals a piano and some strings, which when all combined, create something close to perfection. “No Darkness” is off her debut album May which is out now. The record contains real depth and honesty, and she has kept it simple but stunning and allows the listener to follow whatever path they want in her songs. You can watch the Sidse Carstens-directed video for “No Darkness” below, the imagery for the video is as visually soothing and authentic as the song its self, and is a fine, contemporary piece of visionary.




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