Brooklyn Artist Howdy, Cherry Returns With New Single ‘Cool’

Brooklyn singer-songwriter “Howdy, Cherry” has released a new single that lives up to its name, titled “Cool“.

The song was composed at a moment when Howdy, Cherry could envision a thrilling new future, while also realising that she would have to leave a lovely past behind. Her voice tells her narrative like a close friend, and the lyrics are straightforward and honest.

“Cool” is about letting go and trusting the process, and, as Howdy, Cherry begins her new voyage in Austin, Texas, she explores letting go of New York and having faith in her future steps. The “Cool” music video is a tribute to Howdy Cherry’s Brooklyn hometown, and it features her favourite deli, her former stoop, and her favourite park.

Howdy, Cherry is the new music project by singer/songwriter Caroline Lazar. Known for her subway mermaid stunt caught by Subway Creatures, Howdy, Cherry’s first single, Youth, was released in July 2022. Inspired by 2000s indie bands, Alison Kraus and Phoebe Bridgers, Howdy, Cherry is fun, sad and nostalgic.

With her debut EP, Youth, Howdy is about to take over the internet. A bit of crazy girl indie, and a bit of melancholic female folk make her what she is as an artist in her own right. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Watch the video for “Cool” below!


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