Brooklyn Artist Kristen Merritt Shares Brand New Single ‘Breathe’

Brooklyn-based neo-soul artist Kristen Merritt has just released her brand new single “Breathe”, the final preview of her album, Joi, set to be released on September 14. Along with the song, she shares a lyric video.

Her previous releases shared a light on her past relationships and her remaining feelings for someone special. “Breathe” brings a new chapter in her life after realizing the suffering she had embraced by allowing a negative mindset to linger, she brings a liberating deep exhalation and overcomes her self-imposed pain with her poignant lyrics.

There’s hope in the tears I cry”, Merritt reveals, “There’s strength in the pain cause I’m still trying / Might feel a little weight of doubt / But I’ll find my way back out”. Getting back the strength to overcome her self-doubt, she takes us to see her deepest feelings over experimental production and live instrumentation, leading to a standout moment from the album.

Kristen Merritt further shares: “‘Breathe’ starts off with all of the ick – the very honest line of me waking up to the realization that I have caused a lot of my own suffering – through embracing the negative thought spiral.

But as much as I have previously chosen in some ways to stay untrusting in myself and my abilities, I can also choose to find the good in the situation, keep persevering, remind myself of what’s going right. So this song narrates the awakening to that truth – that power to choose that we all possess. One deep breath at a time”.

She has previously secured placement on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds: The Wave playlists with her song <“I’m Done”, in addiction to early support by Ones To Watch, Parlé Magazine and NYS Music. She then followed that up with “Think About You”, which made her gain more praise from Guitar Girl Magazine and The Honey Pop who declared her “the real deal“.

All of these three songs will appear on Merritt’s debut album Joi, an 8-track invitation into her intimate thoughts and experiences. Highlighted by organic lush instrumentation and unforgettable memories, this will be an extraordinary work made by an extraordinary person!

Since emerging with her debut EP Spectrum, Kristen Merritt started sharing her way of storytelling in the lyrics of her songs. Her inspiration comes from artists such as Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, H.E.R., Daniel Caeser and others.

Listen to “Breathe” here:


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