Brown Cow & ARPAN + Shi Wisdom – Start Up Yet | Music Video

Brown Cow 17.07.2016ANDREW


Brown Cow, it seems, apparently had not met co-producer, Arpan Bhattacherjee, and vocalist, Shi Wisdom, in the flesh until not all that long ago. Atlanta, San Francisco and Toronto are their respective homes, and Brown Cow, otherwise known as Sanj Juneja, is at the forefront of the three pronged effort, “Start Up Yet”.


It is a curious mix of disparate, seeming, elements. You have guitar playing very Middle Eastern sounds, amidst bouncing beats and rising house music crescendos. It comes together quite well, and appears very original in its composition. The final moments are another crescendo, the beat intense and moody before fading out with said curious guitar.


Director, Kristof Brandl, was sought for the visuals, based in Trinidad’s Beetham Gardens village. It seems to revolve around the interesting lives of those locals, whether twerking, riding quadbikes or playing a ragged, worn to bits football. It, like the music itself, transports you to another place.




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