California Band The Baylands Return With New Track ‘Second Try’

With their new single “Second Try”, California band The Baylands take the listener on a soulful 1970s-inspired trip packed with airy harmonies, catchy melodies, and emotional lyrics as they explore the path of self-discovery.

The song is full with lovely childhood observations, such as a desire for freedom, acceptance, and belonging, as well as the significance of self-love. As you sing along and tell your younger self, “I’d love you better the second time“, roll down your car windows and crank this gorgeous ballad.

According to the band, the song speaks to their observation that, “As children, we are attuned to our souls, our wants, our needs, and desires. We know who we love, what we love, and who we want to be. Somewhere along the way, some of us stop listening to that inner voice and start shaping ourselves to fit the expectations of others“.

As for their background, The Baylands bonded over their love of music, admiration for California’s beauty, and their desire to indulge and record the fleetingness of youth while living near the Baylands Nature Preserve in Palo Alto, California.

They aim to make music that is based on harmony, ageless and truthful to the stories they have lived through, and they describe their genre of music as the very mouthful “folk-indie-pop-singersongwriter-farmer’s-market-chiq”, while having varied musical inspirations spanning from Fleetwood Mac to Bon Iver.

Listen to their new song “Second Try” here:


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