California Hip-Hop Band Weapons Of Mass Creation Return With ‘Vices’

Anaheim based hip-hop band Weapons of Mass Creation have shared their new neo-soul fusion song titled “Vices”.

The group is not only link by music but by something deeper, a close-knit bond shared by the two adroit siblings. Having in common the love of the culture, the two musicians have created their own passionate and rebellious world.

As afrobeat legend once said Fela Kuti, “If music is the weapon”, then Weapons of Mass Creation wield their songs with revolutionary poise and purpose.

By using the means of relaxed infusions of funk, soul, cumbia and even reggaetón, the multifaceted musicians are fighting the borders of hip hop in the lab like on stage.

Weapons of Mass Creation have as ambition to provoke the rebel rap conventions by offering a radical personnel vision following the lyrical guide.

Taking inspiration from notable names such as Frantz Fanon and Gloria Anzaldúa, the Californian artists go all in taking their audience with them to break from the restraints to a freedom dream.

Since their debut, the band has the opportunity to burn the stage along important figures including Aloe Blacc, Chicano Batman, Sza and Smino.

Weapons of Mass Creation displays a significant range of EPs and singles, without forgetting the mesmerized 2019’s “Labor of Love”.

Smooth harmonies and effortless rhymes come together to form the freshly realised “Vices”, the track is a hip-hop song created of neo-soul fusion showing the signature of the west coast.

Backed up by Silas with his saxophone, the pensive lyrics singing by Soli offers to the delicate melody, proposed by Joules, a perfect balance between production and live instrumentalization.

The lyrics tell a journey of letting go from the things that are no longer in your benefice, showing the importance of self-preservation and to always keep on sight love.

Listen to “Vices” here:


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